The Upcoming DAYFC Youth Center

February 13, 2024


The ACO House

The DAYFC Youth Center in Aurora

Below are the interviews our Executive Director, Ken Allen, as well as our Development Director, Madie Davis, have had over the past few months about the future "ACO House." Each session contains the excitement we have of the center's upcoming opening and the work that God is going to do there.

An Interview on Way FM

Introduction to the ACO House

Through an interview with Tom Moller on the local radio station of the Way FM, Ken Allen, our Executive Director, and Madie Davis, our Development Director, got to announce the opening of our new youth center: the ACO House. This center is in one of the most violent areas, Aurora, and through our current and upcoming presence there, our youth center will increase and broaden the work of God in that area.

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The ACO House

Here Ken explains the ACO House and how it serves as an asset to the community. As Aurora is full of violence and fear, we strive to make this a safe place where kids can belong, as well as provide resources for them and their families. God is surely working through all of this, and we are very excited to see His hand at work.

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Public Affairs: Mike & Liz with Ken Allan

Interview on KLTT

Here, Ken Allen, our Executive Director, and Madie Davis, our Development Director, talked with Mike Triem and Liz Franzel about our expansion in the Denver area. It is for 70 years that we've been present in Denver, and we are taking an exciting new step: the ACO House.

The ACO House will seek to reach youth in one of the most dangerous and violent areas of Denver: Aurora. It is through this center, we want to reach students, as well as young families, and provide them with a safe place that they can grow together as a community, as well as we pray their walk with and faith in God.

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