Relational Ministry is Needed

October 21, 2020


By: Ken Allen | Executive Director

“Hey Ken, I have a question for you? I met a new student who just moved here and is struggling.  She was alone at lunch today and was out eating on the bench herself.  She said that she does not know anybody and has no one to eat lunch with…I asked her if she had heard of Campus Life trying to think of ways that she could meet people…”   

This is a text that I received last week from a high school administrator.  This is not just a one-off request.  At Denver Area Youth For Christ, we get phone calls, texts, emails, and face to face requests from people in our community asking us to come alongside teenagers. 

It is such an honor and privilege to encourage hurting teenagers in our community.   I am also humbled when others recommend our staff, volunteers, and ministry to be a part of a young person’s life.   It is a reminder that we are on the frontlines and bring hope in our city, neighborhoods, and schools. 

Now more than ever, relational ministry is needed! 

Everyday our staff and ministry leaders confront the suffering world and share their lives and the hope that Jesus gives each one of us.  We see opportunities to share the Gospel all over our city and join God on mission.  

Thank you for being a part of the ongoing conversation with youth in our city and helping us share God’s story.  It’s our honor to be the storytellers on your behalf who meet kids right where they are and give life to their story.  

Providing young people in our community with the opportunity to make an informed decision to be a follower of Jesus  Christ and become part of a local church.