Finding Hope

June 21, 2023


By: LeRon “Tay” Ball | Juvenile Justice Ministry Chaplain 

Hello family and friends,

I am honored and blessed to be able to serve God, my family and others by building genuine, Christ-centered relationships.  I will be serving as the chaplain at Mount View Youth Services Center, as a mentor to our young men, as well as in the community alongside the amazing City Life ministry.  My opportunity is priceless and limitless. Being able to listen to our youth struggles and hardships drives me to share my Father’s business with them, while also being used to meet their needs.

I grew up spending many nights without food and shelter, which drove me to cause a lot of pain to others and myself. At that time, I was so uncertain that it was not until I was introduced to Youth for Christ through a teammate that I finally realized many people in the world face and deal with similar hardships. But God can heal them of their inner hurts. At that moment, I found HOPE.

This type of ministry takes tons of prayer, commitment, and finances. I would like to extend an opportunity for you to support in those ways. The first way is through prayer. Pray that we are ready to face judgement, disrespect, hatred, rejection, evil spirits, physical abuse, drug abuse, etc. The next way is volunteering at our new community center in Aurora and/or becoming a mentor to one of the many young people we can’t and would love to reach, but do not have nearly enough servants. Lastly, you could support the ministry financially—you and the Lord can decide if you want to give, and it is totally between you and Him. My prayer is that you talk to the LORD and decide if you and your family want to move forward faithfully.

Help me to help God make heaven as crowded as possible.”