Christmas for Kids in Jail

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

The old song says, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." For most of us, that's true. For kids in jail, though, it is, absolutely, the most awful time of the year. 

Everything is hopeless when you're a kid in jail at Christmas. Suicide attempts and self harming behaviors skyrocket. Fights and other kinds of violence increase. Feelings of depression and hopelessness become the norm. Christmas is a dark and lonely time for these young men and women.

Many of the kids in the juvenile justice system feel, and truly have been, abandoned by their families. Most come from desperately fractured and disfunctional family situations anyway and Christmastime makes that exponentially more difficult. A lot of these kids will not have a visit from someone who cares about them during Christmas. Many will not even get a gift or a card.

For over 25 years, YFC in Denver has been working to bring light, hope and the true Christmas message to these kids. Through our Wreath of Light outreach, YFC staff and volunteers deliver Christmas gift bags to every kid in the nine juvenile facilities we serve.

Wreath of Light gift bags always include a Bible. For a lot of kids, it is the first Bible they have ever owned. Also included, are things like candy, card games, socks and other items the facilities will allow. There is also a handwritten Christmas Card for each boy and girl. Some kids have even told us that they prayed to receive Christ because of what was written in those cards!

For these kids, a Wreath of Light gift bag is their one bright spot of hope.

Would you consider providing one or more gift bags for a young person this Christmas? Please click here to find out more.

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