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Relational Ministry is Needed

10/5/2020 in Category General, Campus Life

By Ken Allen, Executive Director

“Hey Ken, I have a question for you? I met a new student who just moved here and is struggling.  She was alone at lunch today and was out eating on the... More

More Dedicated Than Ever

10/5/2020 in Category General, City Life, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parent Life

By Gareth Unruh, Chief Ministry Officer

Today I mourn - I mourn for the lives lost in our city because of a society that has failed our young people. Don’t hear that I condone their... More


7/7/2017 in Category General, Juvenile Justice Ministry

By Gareth Unruh, Chief Ministry Officer for Denver Area Youth For Christ

Every once in a while we get a chance to have a long term friendship with a youth. The following is a conversation... More