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Through your help and assistance, we can use a new facility, the ACO House, as a safe place for learning and growing in academics and skills of life, while also a center to hear about, discover and grow in a relationship with God.


Below are ways you can become a part of this ministry — from watching over babies, to meeting one-on-one with a young student, to transporting kids who can't drive where they need to go, and many other endeavors!

The ACO House

The ACO House will seek to reach youth in one of the most dangerous and violent areas of Denver: Aurora. It is through this center, we want to reach students, as well as young families, and provide protection so that they can grow together as a community, as well as we pray their walk with and faith in God.

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Find out ways you can be a part of this ministry and see the impact it makes.

  • Finances are imperative for this ministry to keep going. Monthly partnerships help us sustain our consistent ministry activities. Some suggestions include:

    1. $25/month covers appointments.

    2. $50/month for programming, small groups, parenting classes, etc.

    3. $75/month helps with gas for transportation of youth.

    4. $100/month assists us in providing meals for programming (feeds about 25 students).

    5. $125/month supplies baby essentials for teen parents' needs.

    6. $150/month goes to an emergency fund for critical situations, such as rent assistance, medications, food, gas, etc.

    7. $500/month aiming on the expenses of the ACO House: electric, water, security, internet and maintenance.

  • Feel free to ask any questions you have about this ministry!

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