A healthy, sustainable youth ministry works to connect young people with other important parts of their community. We partner with pastors, church leaders, non-profits, business owners, clubs, student associations and more — supporting the local church in the mission of the Gospel, and joining arms with like-minded organizations that want to reach and uplift young people.

Keep scrolling for more information about how you and your church or organization can partner with Denver Area Youth For Christ AND how we can partner with you!

Host a See The Story

See what God is doing in the lives of young people in the Denver area

This is a great way to gain an overview of Denver Area Youth For Christ and all of the ministry we do in the Denver Area. Do you have a small group who would like to come tour one of our ministry sites? We would love to set that up for you! Would you be willing to host a lunch after your church services for anyone in your church body interested in learning more? We can take the story to you and share our mission and what it can look like for individuals and groups to get involved.

Partner with us seasonally or throughout the year on one of our special projects.

Get Involved with Special Projects

  • For over 30 years, Denver Area Youth For Christ has provided thousands of incarcerated kids, ages 10 to 19, with Bibles, gifts, treats and Christmas cards, signed by people like you, during the Christmas season. Often, these are the only Christmas presents and cards a young boy or girl receives. Christmas gift bags are always given with the clear message that no matter how dark and discouraging the circumstances, or what they have done in the past, Jesus loves and wants to help them. You and your church or organization can raise funds to provide the supplies for the gift bags, adopt a facility, write cards, etc.

  • Families in need are able to shop for free toys for their children for Christmas as well as gift cards, gently used clothing, and other needs. Donate toys, gift cards, clothing, diapers, wipes, wrapping supplies, or volunteer your time to help with the event.

  • We provide diapers and other basic supplies to our parenting teens. We frequently make this a mobile, pop-up shop, taking it into schools and other places where we can help to meet basic needs but also share opportunities to become involved in our ministry. You can get involved by donating baby supplies or even hosting a pop up shop if you have teens in your own organization who would benefit from this ministry.

We Believe In the Power of Intentional Prayer


Come alongside a network of people who faithfully support us in prayer. A strong support system of prayer helps us move with confidence in our mission and blesses the work we do every day.

  • Join Our Prayer Mailing List. Prayer updates are sent periodically (approximately once/quarter) via email.

  • Join us on our weekly prayer line or join one of our community prayer teams that meet throughout the week to pray for the ministry of Denver Area YFC and those we serve.

  • We are so grateful for your prayers for us and for our ministry, but how can we pray for YOU?

How can we share our story with your church body?

Communication, Worship Services, Special Events

When we share the mission of Youth For Christ we are so much more than an organization seeking volunteers and finances. How can we share with your church more about the mission God has called us to and how your church might join us on that mission?

  • We offer several short videos that we can share with you for use during worship services, Sunday school classes and small group meetings, or even in your church newsletter.

  • Do you have just a short period of time to introduce a mission partner during your service? We are happy to be interviewed by your pastor or mission director. Short and sweet! We can have a table in the lobby with follow up material following the service if you would like.

  • Do you need a guest speaker for a Sunday service or special event? We have gifted speakers represented on our local Denver Area staff and can also connect you with some of our nationally recognized speakers through our national YFC/USA office.

  • When is yours? We would love to be represented and have a table!

  • Does your church have a weekly or monthly newsletter? Do you share about your local mission partners on your website? We can provide you with material to share!

We bring the training to YOU!


We want to serve you well and are happy to bring training to you. You choose the time and place and we will come to teach it to your staff, parents, students, etc!

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring citizens how to help an adolescent (age 12-18) who is experiencing a mental health or addictions challenge or is in crisis. Youth Mental Health First Aid is primarily designed for adults who regularly interact with young people.

  • Sometimes it’s hard to navigate talking to your child when they’ve suddenly become a teenager! Our ministry leaders can help parents navigate the changing landscape of conversation with teenagers, creating a safe place to be heard and understood. We’ll explore the teenage brain, some helpful ways to open the conversation and ways to thoughtfully engage teens in ways that enable you to work towards common ground and understanding.

  • Motivational interviewing is a unique way of talking with someone to help them discover their own desires and motivation in order to move towards positive change. It's possible to experience to have conflicting desires, such as wanting to change, but also thinking that you're not ready to change. The motivational interviewing approach helps a person discover and resolve their ambivalence to change and increase their internal motivation to change.

  • Many times our society demonizes drug and alcohol use by pointing to the behavior, when many times our young people use to cope with the trauma in their life, their family’s history with drugs and alcohol, and a predisposition to addiction. Training will involve different types of drugs our youth use, our involvement as a faith community, and how we can provide community, opportunities, and resources for our youth suffering from addictions.

  • 3Story is all about connecting our life stories: my story, their story and God’s story. The more these stories and lives connect, the more powerful the gospel becomes. It is a way of life that guides followers of Jesus to be good news as they share The Good News. It describes how we live in relationship with God and others and when our stories overlap, it means friendship is growing, trust is building and transformation is happening.

  • Many urban youth have come from difficult and traumatizing backgrounds but are interested in being a part of a loving Christian community. We’ll help you explore ways to invite young people in, understand some of their trauma and how to lovingly respond so they can feel welcome coming into your church and hearing the transforming words of the Gospel.

  • What does your church need? We would like to know!

Join Us!

Get involved as individuals or groups

We are always seeking loving adults who are willing to enter into authentic, Christ-sharing relationships with our young people. There are many ways to get involved! Come mentor, provide breakfast or dinner for our clubs or small groups, or so much more!

Give Financially

Become a Story Changer

Join in the mission of Denver Area YFC by financially supporting our ministries in day to day ministry activities and through special events like sending teens to camp.