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Contracted Mentoring & Transition Services

Juvenile Justice Ministry


Abby Hopkins



Our Juvenile Justice Ministry mentors work with youth in the system and at short-term detention facilities, long-term committed facilities, and foster care youth who are again out of the system.

This ministry strategy matches adjudicated youth with an approved mentor for an extended period of time and is done so at the directive of the youth's client manager/parole officer.

Contracted Mentoring:

Denver Area Youth For Christ has partnered with Mentor Colorado to evaluate and make recommendations to our contracted mentorship program. Mentoring Colorado is an accredited program that has a team of professionals who are able to conduct various statistical assessments specifically designed for mentorship programs.

We are a faith-based program and as such we commit to coming alongside our young people in their trauma and what they undergo is beyond being just another job or contract. In short, our mentors are trained in trauma informed care, are committed to long-term trusted relationships, and marked by their love and understanding that is nonjudgmental and non-condemning, meeting the client where they are at and their needs in the program.

We have a one-to-one mentor mentee ratio. Unlike most mentorship programs that have one mentor to several mentees, we at DAYFC find success in carefully matching one mentor to a single mentee.

Therapeutic and Transition Services:

Denver Area Youth for Christ also has a team of experienced mental health professionals who together offers the following services: Individual therapy session, family therapy session, parole hearing and professional staffing attendants, as well as community transitions services.