ACO House


Cherelle Cowan

Become a part of the ACO House family!

Studies show that the violent crimes in North Aurora—such as murder, aggravated assault, and robbery—have risen this past year above every other year before, so the need for safety among youth in that region is urgent. We have placed the ACO House right in the midst of this in order to let God's presence be known and His light seen as it shines on people's lives.

The ACO House is meant to be a place that kids can call their "home away from home"—or even better, a place that offers far more! It is a place where kids in the 11 to 19 age range are welcome to use the place to study, receive tutoring, eat food, play games, and simply grow in a community together.

To learn how you can become a part of the family—whether that is being loved from others by indulging in all the ACO House has to offer, or living out the love of Christ through volunteer work, it's located at 2260 Dayton Street, Aurora, CO 80010. To find out how you can volunteer, go here.