Adopt a Facility


By adopting a facility, you can aide in changing the trajectory of system-involved youth and give back to your community.


Your actions will make a profound difference in system-involved youth.

All the facilities we reach...

These are places where you can make a difference in the lives of youth around you and become a part of their community, which would help the youth feel truly loved by those physically around them.

Change the trajectory of system-involved youth

Play a Part

Find out ways you can be a part of this ministry and see the impact it makes.

  • Finances are imperative for this ministry to keep it going. Some suggestions include:

    1. $50/month: These funds could be used to provide resources to the facility such as Bibles, study guides, and supplies for church meetings.

    2. $100/month: These funds help ensure that we can have a paid staff person to care and look after the youth in each facility around the Denver Area. To fund their positions, we are looking for 30 donors to give 100 per month.

  • Email to get a personal tour of one of the facilities we serve.

  • Ask a chaplain about all that is involved with this ministry and any questions of how you can be a part of it.

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