Seen through the Eyes of Christ

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

By Gareth Unruh, Assistant Director, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Denver Area YFC

I work with a lot of youth who are in the news. Many people have a multitude of opinions about these juveniles, many justified as their criminal acts are incredibly evil. But, where the world may have a pecking order on crimes that are not bad to incredibly worse – God has asked me to love! He has asked me to be Christ’s presence in their lives. I am asked to listen, to offer hope, and share the relationship that can transform their lives forever.


As I sit in front of murders, sex offenders, thieves, drug addicts, gang bangers, promiscuous, and non believing young people; I see them through the eyes of Christ. You see, I’m not there to tell them how much they need Jesus, I’m there to tell them how much I do – moment by moment every decision of my life. He is the judge, I have no room to judge or condemn. I’ve been saved from much, I’m treated better than I deserve … we all need Him to lead our lives and change the way we have been living.

Next time you find yourself watching the news and fear sets in, or your blood begins to boil, remember what you were saved from. Offer up a prayer for victim and criminal, and pray for the work inside Juvenile Justice Centers around the nation.

What has God been challenging you to do lately?

Where is He stretching your perspective?

How can you respond to Him today?

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