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Out of the Shadows and Into the Light: Addiction Survivors Take Back Their Lives

11/10/2017 in Category

Addiction is a very real problem that people of all ages struggle with.  Our youth and even youth leaders can find themselves drowning in addiction.  The following is an article written for... More

A Living Hope

11/10/2017 in Category

By Rose Stupansky, Campus Life Site Director

In the Midst Of Every Storm, A Living Hope

"There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created... More

Let the WORD Do Its Work

10/31/2017 in Category

By Tim Butler, Director of City Engagement and Juvenile Justice Chaplain and Site Director

When “Curtis” and I started talking, I gave him my YFC business card since it was the first time... More

A Resounding Yes!

10/13/2017 in Category

By Brandon Bowman, Campus Life High School Director

This past summer, I was given a tremendous opportunity to attend YFC Camp with two freshmen. One was an established Christian; the... More

An Anchor of Hope

10/13/2017 in Category

By Claire Froehlich, Juvenile Justice Chaplain and Site Director

“We have this hope for an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” ~ Hebrews 6:19


I met up with “Andi”, who I’ve known... More